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Important Dates: 

Thursday, March 18:
  • Calendar Fundraiser Due

Concession Work Schedule

Please see the schedule here for your assigned date. If you cannot work your assigned date, please find another family to switch with you, Thank you for your help in making this season great!

Calendar Fundraiser

Uncle Mike Wants to buy 20 raffle tickets, but your mechanic already purchased the March 20th space. Write Uncle Mike's name on March 15th, and March 5th and give him 20 tickets. 

  • The buyer gets 1 raffle ticket per dollar they spend. Please be sure to add the buyer's name and phone numbers to their tickets. 
  • Players are highly encouraged to complete at least 1 calendar. 
  • Any player who completes 1 calendar will receive $25 
  • Players who complete additional calendars will receive $50 for each. 
  • Printable Calendar HERE 
Deadline for Entries: March 18

Please bring your calendars, filled out raffle tickets, and money to any board member at the Whitewater game on March 18

NOTE: Please write one personal check to SMHS Boys Lacrosse for the money you collect and keep the cash! 

We are focused on being the best both on and off the lacrosse field.  
Our coaches are committed to challenging our players to be the best they can be. 
We continue to BUILD and PRODUCE one of the BEST lacrosse programs in Georgia. 

Team Pages

Game 3: Trinity

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